Object Classes

In the CTA Corporation, there are 5 primary containment classes used to classify how hostile and difficult the anomaly is to contain.

The following are the 5 primary containment classes:

Amicus: Amicus is Latin for friend. Anomalies classified as Amicus do not require strict containment procedures, and can be contained with little effort.

Amicus-Impetus: Am-Impetus classified anomalies can be easily contained, but require a little more effort to contain than Amicus class objects. These objects tend to affect only 1 person when used or approached.

Unknown: Unknown classified anomalies normally are difficult to contain, and aren't well understood. These objects' threat level can be either Am-Impetus class or Dangerous class, but it never is specified.

Dangerous: Dangerous classified anomalies require strict containment procedures to be contained, and tend to be hostile to all humans. These objects may cause containment breaches if not actively watched.

Lethal: Lethal class anomalies are extremely hostile to living things, and sometimes are uncontainable. They may even have the ability to cause an end of the world scenario.

There are also other non-primary object classes:

Class A: Class A Anomalies are very difficult to contain, but aren't exactly hostile. These objects are to be approached with caution.

Class B: Class B Anomalies are extremely hostile, but are easy to contain.

Neutralized: Neutralized Anomalies are… well… neutralized. (Killed, destroyed, etc.)

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